Square chocolates

Delicious and creamy chocolates called squares for their cubic and square shape. Of various guti.

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  • Quadrotti alla carruba

    The pods of the carob tree, a plant for millennia present in the Mediterranean area, when ripe offer a very aromatic gelatinous substance, which is dried, toasted and reduced to powder to be processed as it would be done with cocoa. Our creamy carob squares were born from this flour. A delicate but at the same time decisive taste, which you can enjoy every moment of the day because it is low in fat and low in sodium.

  • Square almond chocolates

    The almond squares are a delicacy for the palate, they contain all the full-bodied flavor of the most refined almonds of the Sicilian land. The box contains 9 pieces. Try them and you will be kidnapped.

  • Square hazelnut chocolate

    Creamy chocolates with a square shape but with a round taste that will captivate you.
    The temptation of the encore will really be perhaps.

  • Square pistachio chocolate

    Pistachio squares are the perfect chocolates and ideal for those who love pistachio, sweet flavors with a soft consistency. In the package there are 9 there about 10 grams provided that will give you an intense pleasure.

  • Mix chocolate

    We have created, for those who do not want to choose, a package that contains all our creamy chocolates, called quadrotti. In the package you will find 35, 5 for taste. They will give you intense pleasure.