Where it operates
Do we release flavors?

The Sprigioniamo Sapori cooperative operates within the Ragusa district house, with a laboratory for the production of nougats, crisps and other confectionery products based on almond, pistachio and hazelnut.
The cooperative adheres to organic farming, enhancing some excellent local products, in particular local almond and honey.
The cooperative's products are certified by ICEA (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification).

Why buy a
our product?

Sometimes, when we try to promote one of our products, we are asked: "Why should I buy a product made in prison?"
Because in this way, in addition to buying a valid product of good quality, inmates are helped to rehabilitate themselves through a job. In fact, work gives meaning to the time each of them will spend behind those bars. A prisoner who acts, does not have the possibility of making himself useful to improve himself and is equally useless for society, in which he will have to live once outside.
Working with a team like ours, a prisoner maintains healthy relationships, learning a trade and the value of honesty and work, rebuilding a bridge with the world and laying the foundations for their future.

Behind every product, be it a nougat, a biscuit or anything else, there is actually a whole world to explore. There is the history and life of people who work hard, regardless of their condition, whether they are prisoners or ordinary people, who through this simple path create quality products with sacrifice and dedication, while also upgrading their own way to live.

This is the economy that is good for people, a healthy economy in which it is produced, respecting everyone.

Our products are Vouchers
but also "Belli"!

Choosing our products does not only mean doing a good deed, but recognizing and choosing products, which regardless of who made them, qualitatively have nothing to envy to many others, made in common structures, which have nothing to do with prison .
Those who choose one of our products do not renounce to taste and quality, instead they enrich it with much more important ingredients, of which traditional products are lacking: the value of work, dignity and respect, with which these people try to redeem their own life.
The products of the prison economy combine attention to raw materials and processing, a particular care for the personal journey of all prisoners involved in production.
Producing within a place of imprisonment offers to prisoners, through qualified and paid work, a chance to rebuild their future.
The Coop. We release Flavors, pursues an objective of improving society and the territory, increasing social security and contributing to the reduction of recurrences.
It also contributes to the economic development of the territory through the enhancement of local products, such as almonds, honey etc.
In terms of employment, the Sprigioniamo Sapori cooperative has given work to 14 detainees in almost 3 years of activity